It is a basic fact of the moral universe that young girls and boys should not be sold for sexual exploitation.  However, every day in America, minors are manipulated, coerced, and forced into sex for money in the United States. 

"How can there be a march and I'm not there?" This was the question that came from my mother, a feisty but proper Southern lady, when I told her I was headed downtown to see Occupy Wall Street for myself.

This week we celebrate the announcement that New York and Connecticut Methodist congregations are standing up for marriage equality, and we join the Spirit Day for LGBTQ dignity on Thursday Oct. 20.

We are seeing something emerge — a grassroots campaign has caught fire, turning out thousands of people, young and old, to create a free democratic space called Liberty Square on Wall Street.

One of my earliest memories is of a tornado roaring through my neighborhood in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was less than four years old, but I vividly remember sitting in the linen closet cradling my infant brother, as I heard the enormous roar of wind and listened to the trees in our yard be torn from the ground like giant toothpicks and tossed on top of our house.

On Wednesday night, I watched in horror and shame as my home state of Georgia killed one of its citizens because he had been unable to "prove his innocence" before the final sands of legal process dropped away.

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