A concerned Groundsweller asks what kind of faith Groundswell could stand for, if we "tolerate" (i.e., celebrate) homosexuality. Jake Goodman, the director of our Groundswell of Courage campaign, responds.

Soon, #InvisibleGrrrl will move back to Washington State and face her family again as she struggles to continue her process of coming out.


It's easy to miss things if we can't see them. It's how child sex trafficking has flown under the radar for so long. To change this, our friends at FAIR Girls ...

If you read last week’s post, you know that I recently had a long, awkward conversation with my friend “Pete”, who was afraid to attend the Chicago Pride Parade with me because he thought some of The Gay might rub off on him.

I’m writing to this report that I had another long, awkward conversation with Pete after writing that post. I felt like I should let him know he was making an appearance on the Tumblr, even anonymously. He was upset. He wanted to talk.

So last weekend I was in Chicago helping a friend (let’s call him “Pete”!) move. Which means I happened to be there for the Pride Parade. I went with another friend of mine (let’s call her “Chloe”!), who is an awesome ally, and we had a great time. Chloe asked why I hadn’t brought Pete to the parade. I told her that I just couldn’t see him going. Pete is about my age, straight, liberal politics, but with a streak of the conservative in his own life. I felt bad about not asking him, though. So when I saw him that night, I apologized, asked if he would have wanted to come.

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