A lovely thank-you-note from a screening of Love Free or Die in rural Pennsylvania, testifying to this film's power in one incredible community.  You are very welcome, Rev. Lloyd - and thank you!

This blog is about fear. "If I try to start these difficult conversations, I will be, in effect, refusing to go along with their [silence]. I will be forcing them to acknowledge both the truth about me, and, potentially, any prejudices or misgivings that truth conjured up."

If #InvisibleGrrrl is bisexual, why can't she just marry a guy?  (Never mind that she does not necessarily believe in marriage in the first place.)

GS's own Tara Dominic writes beautifully about her grandfather, her Judaism and the Sikh shooting - contextualizing hate in a way sure to move you.

On Sunday, Groundswell hand-delivered 4000+ letters, sent in from supporters across the country, to the families and community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Groundswell's Director, Valarie Kaur, recounts her week in Oak Creek, WI, after the tragic shooting in a gurdwara.

Groundswell joins 43 other LGBT organizations (and counting) in a joint letter to condemn yesterday's shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council.

Invisible Grrrl is back! A TV talking head rails against LGBT supporters, America is not a land of opportunity for many of us, and she is angry.

What would you do if your child told you he or she was gay?  Two real-life dads react very differently.  

In just 12 hours, over 2,000 people submitted messages of support to the American Sikh community in Wisconsin after the tragic temple shooting. Fellow Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Episcopal reverends, Catholic nuns, Buddhists ...

Columbine. Aurora. Now, Milwaukee. As a Sikh community near Milwaukee came together for prayers and community yesterday, a gunman brutally murdered 6, wounded 4, and ...

Inspiring faithful action to heal and repair the world