Imagine the courage this must take! #InvisibleGrrrl removes the shroud, shares her anonymous blogs with her family and asks them to vote for equality.

Fact sheet for Groundswell's Money in Politics campaign.  FAQs answered.

A painful childhood story when Daniel's mother learns that he is gay, tells him he must fight this Satan, and he enters the steel bars of the closet.

On Spirit Day, we wear purple because we know the harm that some of our brothers and sisters of faith have done “in God’s name” to LGBT youth.

Diverse faith leaders call for change in flood of special interest money into politics, demand leaders pursue solutions to this crisis of democracy.

Schools are canceling an anti-bullying day because an extremist religious group has called the project “a nationwide push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools.” Will you add your name to the petition?

So bad, it's great!  The anti-gay/anti-marriage ads are so malicious in Washington State, #InvisibleGrrrl decided the only sane thing to do create a drinking game!

Drink responsibly, ya'll.

#InvisibleGrrrl realizes that she's not quite ‘out enough’ to speak about marriage equality with any credibility. The butterfly begins to emerge...

Watch the webinar recording of researched strategies to help turn opponents of LGBT equality into supporters.

A Story of Courage is when any person shares why their own beliefs or experiences compel them to welcome, affirm and celebrate LGBT people. Morgan talks about her tumultuous family life and how her Uncle Donald (and his partner, Uncle Frank) modeled the love and nurturing that got her through tough times. Watch Morgan's face LIGHT UP when she mentions her Uncle Donald ...

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t help but think that some of the awkwardness is coming from the fact that while I may no longer be invisible, I’m not exactly solid. It’s like I’m still sort of translucent. “So it turns out I’m attracted to both men and women” feels different from “Seriously, it was the most awkward date ever because…”

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