This is one of those moments we're proud to be New Yorkers: Campaign finance reform is a very real possibility in New York State this year. Now is our moment to unite, plan for action, and grow our collective power. Join us to focus our faith strategy to get money out of politics in NY this year!

After a season of organizing on money in politics – and victories in Montana & Colorado – we found a key to redeeming our democracy: A vanguard of people of faith & faith leaders at the helm of a movement to get money out of politics.

Our nation's immigration laws are on the table, and we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lead. We want to share some suggested messaging to help you to use your voice and authentically speak from your faith tradition on the issue of immigration this week and going forward.

Pastor Michael Mueller from Racine started a petition on the Groundswell platform to shrink WI's prison population by 50%.  On Tuesday, he's delivering the petition to Governor Scott Walker.  Add your name to the call for transformative prison reform in WI – to heal our state's families & communities.

The question is: Will they only hear from “religious” voices advancing discrimination cloaked in scripture, or will we drown out the hate with our call for acceptance, love, and inclusion?

Tell them: lift the ban!

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