What happened in Charleston last night tore a hole in our hearts – at least 9 people shot dead inside a historic African American church, including the pastor, in a racially motivated hate crime.All are invited to stand in solidarity during this trying time. 

Within days of starting my petition, over 2,400 people of faith signed on to tell Philadelphia Insurance that it's wrong to deny claims for life-saving addiction service providers. And we had a big step forward: Two government investigations have now been opened on the insurance company!

So from June 16-18, we will take part in a three-day fast to hold immigration enforcement accountable to the policies we fought so hard for to protect our neighbors and community members from deportation. Will you join with Arturo and Rosa in our fast?

Despite overwhelming support in Tucson and across the country – from the grassroots to top political and religious leaders – Rosa is still in Sanctuary because if she left our church, she could be deported.

Join me in creating a moral mandate for the Wage Board to raise fast food wages to $15 an hour – the amount our working neighbors have been calling for in New York and around the country.

As people of faith, we're calling on our Senator Mark Kirk to lead by example and to protect the TVPRA. With his compassion for immigrant and human rights issues, we’re confident we can inspire him to support the TVPRA.

I just received an urgent message from a key Baltimore organizer, Dayvon Love, asking for Jewish support to call a special session of the Maryland General Assembly to reform police rules that have prevented accountability in many other cases and invest in jobs and housing in Black neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Tell the Pennsylvania State Legislature to pass a fair funding formula and transform our tax system so we can fully fund our schools.

Our hearts beat for Baltimore this week as the city and the nation react to the horrific death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

Inspiring faithful action to heal and repair the world