Keep Rosa with her family
Wednesday, May 27, 2015 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Back in August, when Rosa entered Sanctuary in our church, I never thought she would still be afraid of separation from her family 9 months later.

Despite overwhelming support in Tucson and across the country – from the grassroots to top political and religious leaders – Rosa is still in Sanctuary because if she left our church, she could be deported.

For nine months you have stood beside us as we have organized and prayed for Rosa, her husband, and her two children – thank youAnd I want to give you an opportunity to continue to support Sanctuary.

We are launching a fundraiser to support Rosa and we need you to help. By the end of May, we need to raise $1,000 online to kickstart our fundraising campaign of $30,000. Your gift will go straight to efforts to keep Rosa’s family together, housing costs at the church, and our campaign work.

Click here to give what you are able – $50, $25, or $10 – to support Rosa and the work of Sanctuary.

Our scriptures command us to care for widows and orphan – which is why we prevented the separation of Rosa and her children by welcoming her into Sanctuary.

As the beautiful Irish proverb says, "It is within the shelter of each other that the people live.” Sanctuary is about all of us working together to create shelter so our neighbors with final orders of deportation can live without fear, until the time they can return home without threat of separation from their family.

Through your support we can continue to provide sanctuary and shelter for Rosa. In fact, if every petition signer donated $8, we would meet our goal of $30,000 and be able to 100% support Rosa and her campaign, but we're testing the waters and hope you'll give generously now to help us raise $1,000 online before the end of May.

Click here to fund the work to keep Rosa’s family together.

With your gift, we’ll continue to work day in and day out to stop Rosa's deportation order and to provide on-going hospitality for her at our church.

Thank you for answering the call to love your neighbors and keep families together,
Rev. Alison Harrington

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