VOZ took the right moral stand—and now they need our help
Thursday, July 24, 2014 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Thousands of people of faith have signed the Groundswell petition calling on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to stop bullying the workers rights group VOZ over LGBT equality, and the media coverage keeps on coming, but the hard truth is that VOZ took the right moral stand — and lost a big grant.

They're struggling to pay health benefits right now for their amazing organizers who are fighting to recover unpaid wages for workers who need their help. The $75,000 Catholic Campaign grant made up 1/4 of their annual budget.

Allies and people of faith across our movement are chipping in what they can — $50, $25, or even $10 to help them make up the gap. Will you stand in solidarity with VOZ, right now?

Click here to give.

"We'd rather lose your grant and keep our principles than keep your grant and lose our principles," is what VOZ told the Catholic Campaign.

But now VOZ is in crisis. If we can fill the fundraising gap, it'll be a HUGE signal to the extremist elements of the Catholic Church that the way forward is to stop bullying social justice organizations that work with LGBT people.

With our generosity, let's show VOZ and the Church that people of faith and allies will stand with you when you stand for your principles.

Click here to make a contribution.

To watch an inspiring video of the amazing community support VOZ has had since the announcement, visit their fundraising page and scroll down.

Power to you and to us together,

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This morning, President Obama issued a long-awaited executive order ending discrimination against LGBT people in hiring by federal contractors — without the so-called religious exemption loophole that some conservative religious leaders had called for.

Right now, our response as people of faith to the humanitarian crisis of migrant children at our border will not only decide what policies our leaders pursue, but also what values the soul of our country will reflect.

Lucky for all of us, Auburn Seminary and the Center for Progressive Renewal will be in the same place at the same time this summer – the National Church Leadership Institute​, August 7th-10th in Atlanta.

News broke yesterday that a small Portland, OR based workers’ rights organization called VOZ is standing up to intolerant elements in the Church after they were told to cut ties with an LGBT friendly ally group, or lose a critical $75,000 grant.

Yesterday afternoon, I hand-delivered our petition on migrant children directly to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson!

Religion is complicated on a good day. With Hobby Lobby and fighting in the Middle East, things are even more complicated. To help recharge your faith, we’ve plated a four-course meal of spiritual nutrition. Enjoy!

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