My church is fighting Beatriz's deportation
Thursday, October 30, 2014 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Imagine that you are an undocumented mom, and a victim of sexual assault. It takes an inspiring amount of courage just to tell the authorities about your abuse, knowing you could be deported by coming out. But you do it, and you find more courage to help law enforcement testify against and convict the rapist.

According to U.S. law, this makes you eligible for a special Visa. Finally, you will get the relief you need to move on with your kids and feel safe in your community. Then, a paperwork technicality—a mere signature—keeps your application from going through. But the deportation order has no problem getting to you. Now it’s not just you who’s in danger—your family could be torn apart. And the perpetrator? The very system you helped find justice.

This is the story of our neighbor, Beatriz. “I thought there were no good people in the world,” she says. “But I found them here in Sanctuary, in this community.”

Click here to tell the Obama Administration: Let Beatriz stay, and protect all families from deportation.

Our church took emergency moral action by taking in Beatriz and her two U.S.-citizen children into Sanctuary1 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Chicago. Our work here has always been “creating hope for those without hope,” and we believe it is our responsibility as people of faith to stand up for our neighbors in the face of injustice and inaction.

Beatriz is only one of millions of moms and dads around the country in danger of losing their families and their homes. Congress and the White House have failed to act on their promises of immigration reform—it’s time we hold them accountable.

Click here to take action for Beatriz and call for executive action for all families facing deportation.

Beatriz is a good mom with a brave heart, full of faith. She’s one of us, and more importantly, one of God’s children. Please join us in showing our love and support for Beatriz and immigrant families across the country.

Father Jose Landaverde
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission

[1] “Sanctuary 101: How churches and synagogues are stopping deportations.” Groundswell, Oct. 14, 2014.

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