We’re building an ARK to stop climate change
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by Michelle0 Responses

September 21st is the day of the largest climate march in history. Over 1,000 organizations (you read that number right) are taking part, including communities of faith.

Groundswell is teaming up with our multifaith friends to build a giant ark on a float for the People’s Climate March. We want to inspire all of those attending (and the whole world watching) with something meaningful, fun, and faithful about caring for creation.

So we found the best float builder in the tri-state area, and he says we can build an ark for $7,000. We’ve already raised $4,000 from friends across the country – the World Council of Churches, Green Faith, Middle Collegiate Church, Judson Memorial Church, and more. 

To help raise the remaining $3,000 this week and get the float made in time, we’re turning to Groundswell supporters and grassroots donations from people like you.

Click here to make a $20 gift to help build the ark and support the movement for climate justice. We’ll put your name on the ark and you’ll be with us as tens of thousands of us stand up for climate action.

How could we say no to a giant ARK? As people of faith, we’re people of stories, miracles, and showing the moral way forward. When world leaders arrive in NYC for the climate summit at the UN, we have to make sure they get the message loud and clear:

Today, we are all called, like Noah was, to care for our future and all creation. The time is now for action on climate change.

As a person of faith called to do justice, I hope you'll be a part of this historic moment.

Help make the ark possible with a $20 donation or whatever you can give.

When I tell my grandchildren the story of the biggest climate march in history, I want to show them a picture of the ark and say: This helped open people’s eyes and hearts to the reality of climate change.

Let's do this.

Power to you and to us together,
Isaac, Michelle, Dan, and the Groundswell team 

To find out more about the People’s Climate March, check out http://peoplesclimate.org/


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