Calling all Groundswell Supporters: Let's Save the Internet
Monday, February 23, 2015 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Protect Our Faithful Voices. Protect the Open Internet.

If you recognize my name, it's because we're connected in a magical way.

Four years ago, I founded Groundswell because I had a dream – to connect people of faith to build a moral movement for justice.

Today, you and me and over 100,000 others have taken faithful action together! We built this movement with a lot of heart – and with the help of the Internet.

But right now the Internet is under attack, and I'm in the fight to save it. There's a big vote this Thursday and if people like us speak up now, we can make the moral case for why we need a free and open Internet.

Will you tell federal officials that you want to keep the Internet open and free?

If federal officials fail to vote on strong protections on Thursday, carriers like Comcast and Verizon will have the power to control what happens on the Internet — and how well our voices are heard.

There's good news. Four million Americans, including President Obama, have already asked the Federal Communications Commission to keep the Internet open and democratic. But not very many people have done so as social change makers and people of faith.

Yes, cat videos are great. But the Internet also brings us breaking news, action alerts, and helps us build the people power we need to heal the world.

As people of faith and social change makers, we're using the Internet to supercharge our work to organize for justice. On Groundswell alone, we have protected sons and daughters from deportation, uplifted communities in the aftermath of horrific violence, changed federal policy on hate crimes, and so much more.

Let's tell that story.

Please sign the petition to keep the Internet open and free.

With relentless optimism,
Valarie Kaur
Founder, Groundswell Movement

P.S. Watch the Rev. Dr. William Barber of the Moral Mondays movement on why now is the time to speak up. His story is one of many that shows that the Internet has become the prophetic platform of the 21st Century, allowing us to teach, preach, and organize. For a deeper dive, you can also watch my webinar.

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After living in Sanctuary for 58 days in Philadelphia, Angela was granted a stay of deportation by our local ICE director.1 Now, she’s using her freedom to make sure no one in Sanctuary is left behind.

In the midst of so much pain and suffering, let us stand with our Muslim American brothers and sisters. Please join me in offering a prayer or message in solidarity.

Big news! The New York Times and Newsweek just covered the story of Arturo fighting his deportation in Sanctuary in Denver. 

My favorite part of President Obama's address this week raised up the beauty and power of the human spirit—exactly what you'll find in these three stories of faith and unity. 

We are thrilled to announce that after 58 days in Sanctuary at West Kensington Ministry, Angela's final deportation order was stopped!

While people like Kaylee and her church are working to keep their neighbors safe, the new House of Representatives passed a bill this week that aims to defund programs that provide temporary deportation relief to children and parents of U.S. citizens that are part of President Obama's executive action.

Inspiring faithful action to heal and repair the world