City Council vote for Rosa this Tuesday – take action
Friday, September 19, 2014 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Exciting news! Inspired by Rosa’s Sanctuary case, the local City Council is voting this coming Tuesday on a resolution to stand up to Secretary Jeh Johnson and the Obama administration in support of Rosa and her family.

Before the vote, we’re inviting people of faith in Arizona and across the country to stand with the Tucson City Council as they stand with Rosa.

If you’re in Arizona, please join us at the meeting on Sept. 23. For details, click here. Let’s fill the room with love for Rosa!

If you’re with us around the country, let’s make sure the Tucson City Council hears from our national movement. Post to their social media pages to let them know a vote in Rosa’s favor is a vote for justice. Use the buttons below:


For Facebook, you can post this on the City Council's wall: Thank you, Tucson City Council, for considering support of Rosa Robles Loreto. We are praying for you, and Rosa and her family, as you vote on Sept. 23. #LetRosaStay

Getting the local government behind Rosa and her church could help move the Department of Homeland Security to drop her deportation order, allowing her to leave sanctuary and return home to her family without fear.

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Thank you for to everyone who signed our petition to the Obama Administration to stop the deportation of Rosa, a loving mother and member of our church and community. Today, we’re making sure the Administration hears from us in a way they can’t ignore.

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My church just took another community member threatened with deportation into Sanctuary. This time they want to deport Rosa, a mother of two sweet boys, and a member of our Tucson community since 1999.

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