Digital Organizing Training for Sanctuary 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014 by Michelle0 Responses

Webinar Recording of the Digital Organizing Training for Sanctuary 2014

This training covers the for using online tools to enhance your offline organizing and campaigns in the Sanctuary 2014 movement. Presenters include: 
- Isaac Luria (VP of Auburn Action at Auburn Seminary) has been a pioneer in digital strategy and communications for over 10 years. 
- Michelle Reyf (Director of Groundswell at Auburn Seminary) is an online organizer and campaign strategist for the multifaith movement for justice.

*Fast forward to 1:45 for the introduction by Rev. Noel Anderson, and 7:00 for the beginning of the webinar.*

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A special webinar for the Sanctuary movement on how to speak powerfully and prophetically through the media, featuring Macky Alston from Auburn Seminary.

A win on deportation is inspiring a movement around the country. We’re calling it Sanctuary 2014. There are currently 5 congregations with active Sanctuary cases, 24 offering Sanctuary, and 60 more supporting Sanctuary.

Join us in celebration – Tucson’s City Council voted unanimously to support Rosa last week! They're sending letters to Pres. Obama, Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security and every single member of Arizona’s Congressional delegation, urging them to drop Rosa’s deportation order.

Fr. Michael Pfleger, a Catholic leader organizing against gun violence in Chicago, was viciously attacked by the local chapter of the NRA. Tell The NRA: protecting kids from gun violence doesn't make him a ‘terrorist.’

Exciting news! Inspired by Rosa’s Sanctuary case, the local City Council is voting this coming Tuesday on a resolution to stand up to Secretary Jeh Johnson and the Obama administration in support of Rosa and her family.

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