People are writing letters to the migrant children—and they are beautiful
Monday, July 28, 2014 by Esther Meroño0 Responses

Last weekend, participants of the Interfaith Weekend of Prayer and Compassion met in their churches and communities to preach, pray, converse, light candles and write letters to the children at our borders in an outpouring of love that brought big smiles to our faces and tears in our eyes.

Click through the photo gallery of letters written over the three-day event to witness what happens when people of faith come together to turn a hostile debate into a human issue.

Feeling inspired? Submit your own welcoming letter, drawing, video, or sign your name.

These letters, many written by children, represent the safety and innocence lost in the traumatic journey made by migrant child refugees. They succeed in sending a powerful message to those pushing to send the children back to violence: “As people of faith and justice, we cannot turn a blind eye or turn them away. These migrant children are God's children and therefore our youngest and most vulnerable brothers and sisters for whom we must care,” says Bishop Carcaño.

Read more on how people of faith are coming together to provide relief for migrant child refugees in this New York Times article.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we use our faith values for justice and dignity.

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Isaac, Michelle, Dan, Esther and the whole Groundswell Team

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After witnessing the destruction of rainforests in his South American home, the Pope is calling our failure to protect the Earth a “sin of modern times.”

Thousands of people of faith have signed the Groundswell petition calling on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to stop bullying the workers rights group VOZ over LGBT equality, and the media coverage keeps on coming, but the hard truth is that VOZ took the right moral stand — and lost a big grant.

This morning, President Obama issued a long-awaited executive order ending discrimination against LGBT people in hiring by federal contractors — without the so-called religious exemption loophole that some conservative religious leaders had called for.

Right now, our response as people of faith to the humanitarian crisis of migrant children at our border will not only decide what policies our leaders pursue, but also what values the soul of our country will reflect.

Lucky for all of us, Auburn Seminary and the Center for Progressive Renewal will be in the same place at the same time this summer – the National Church Leadership Institute​, August 7th-10th in Atlanta.

News broke yesterday that a small Portland, OR based workers’ rights organization called VOZ is standing up to intolerant elements in the Church after they were told to cut ties with an LGBT friendly ally group, or lose a critical $75,000 grant.

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