For first time in history, people vote for freedom to marry in three states, and WA is looking good! #InvisibleGrrrl is giddy & her mom is getting it.

So bad, it's great!  The anti-gay/anti-marriage ads are so malicious in Washington State, #InvisibleGrrrl decided the only sane thing to do create a drinking game!

Drink responsibly, ya'll.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t help but think that some of the awkwardness is coming from the fact that while I may no longer be invisible, I’m not exactly solid. It’s like I’m still sort of translucent. “So it turns out I’m attracted to both men and women” feels different from “Seriously, it was the most awkward date ever because…”

#InvisibleGrrrl has a rough time speaking to her family about Washington's upcoming marriage ballot initiative, amidst her cousin's wedding planning.

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