To: Kentucky People of Faith

MAY 19: NIA Worship Experience to Affirm Our Love of God and the Stranger

Join NIA Community of Faith on May 19th at 10:00 AM as Pastor Alexia Salvatierra sparks our passion for social justice and immigration reform.

Sunday, May 19th - 10am
Lyric Theatre
300 E. 3rd Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40508

PLEASE let us know you are coming by signing up to the right and then sharing this link with your friends!

Why is this important?

We are closer to reforming our broken immigration system than we have been for many years. However, the outcome is far from sure. At this historic moment, Christians have a unique role to play in the achievement of a fair system that reflects biblical values.

For More Information:
Rev. Anthony Everett - [email protected]
Steve Pavey - [email protected]
Rev. Chal Knox - [email protected]
300 East Third Street, Lexington, KY

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