To: Kentucky legislators

Kentucky DREAMers: Patagundi Brothers

We come together as neighbors in Kentucky with a unified voice to call urgently for compassionate and just immigration reform legislation.

Why is this important?

We're the Patagundi brothers. We have lived in Kentucky since 2008.

Here is our personal story ...

Here is how immigration reform affects us, our family, and our neighbors ...

My family arrived to the U.S. legally in 2002 on visas, as our father was trying to do things "the right way" by applying for a work permit, he was rejected three times for his work visa. After getting bad legal advice, as he was returning to India he was caught by ICE members and deported back to India.

Because of our father enduring some health problems, our mother decided to go back to India to take care of him, as she left us brothers in the states by ourselves. It's been over 6 years that we haven't seen our father, and 2 years since seeing our mother.

This Immigration reform bill would allow my parents to come back into the states and reunite with us. There will not be another year that we will go without seeing our mother on Mothers day, or our parents missing out on our milestones such as; our college graduations.

Today, we're part of a movement made of DREAMers, undocumented families in Kentucky and across the country, and allies – all committed to compassionate and just immigration reform. We stand together as Americans, as neighbors, as brothers and sisters. The time is now!
Louisville, KY

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