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To: Pro-life Evangelicals and the United States Senate

Pro-life Evangelicals Call for A Pause in Culture War

As pro-life evangelicals, we call for a pause in culture war. We call on the Senate to stop rushing the process of replacing Justice Kennedy and ask that senators confirm a truly moderate independent judge in his place. And we call for evangelicals to join us in fasting, listening, and action.

Why is this important?

Evangelicals, fueled by the political strategies of the Religious Right, have long eyed the Supreme Court as a battle site in the war to overturn Roe v. Wade. President Trump has chosen Judge Brett Kavanaugh from a list hand-picked by far right-wing organizations, rather than the non-partisan American Bar Association, which had vetted nominees for nearly every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination poses grave danger to the rights and protections of historically marginalized communities. If the Senate confirms his nomination, his confirmation would entrench a conservative majority, posing an existential threat to the civil rights and protections of people in the only growing segment of the evangelical church: evangelicals of color. Conservative majority rulings have already whittled away voting rights, undermined desegregation, and weakened protections against police brutality. As evangelicals, we say no!

Abortion rates for American women are at an historic low but have increased among poor women because economic hardship is the primary driver of abortion. The way to reduce abortion is not by escalating culture wars but by reducing poverty.

We now call on all evangelicals to Pledge to Pause the culture war by taking three actions:

1. FAST for God’s discernment after 35 years of a culture war mindset. We recognize that three things happen in war:

* There are only allies and enemies, no human beings.
* You cannot be wrong in war. You are always right. The other is always wrong.
* There is always collateral damage in war.

2. LISTEN to the stories and testimonies of the people of color in the pew right next to us.

3. ACT on our prayerful, informed discernment by calling our Senators to demand they replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy with a moderate independent Justice. Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Download the #PledgetoPause toolkit and start today:


Lisa Sharon Harper is the founder and president of Freedom Road, LLC, the author of several books, including the critically acclaimed, "The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right," and an Auburn Senior Fellow.

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